Bright Blue is developing new policies to help manage the challenges of the UK’s ageing society. The growing number of elderly people requires fresh, long-term thinking about sustainable funding arrangements for health and social care, as well as the state and workplace pension systems. Our work also explores how the increasing needs of older generations can be met while preserving fairness between the generations, particularly in relation to the availability and affordability of housing.


Saving for the future: extending the consensus on workplace pensions

Sam Hall and Andrew Harrop

December 2017

For many years, pensions policy was characterised by a high degree of consensus, following the Pensions Commission in the mid-2000s. But with the successful introduction of automatic enrolment, there is now no clear cross-party vision for the next stages of workplace pension reform. This collections brings together leading decision makers and opinion formers from different political and professional backgrounds to help determine where the political left and right can establish common ground on future pension reform.

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A sense of belonging

Laura Round, Kate Murray and Tobias Phibbs

December 2016

With the launch of the Casey Review this month sparking fresh debate about the state of integration in the UK, this new report brings together leading decision makers and opinion formers from different political and professional backgrounds to argue that integration should be a top priority that unites both Left and Right. Dame Louise Casey, Professor Ted Cantle, Lord O’Shaughnessy and MPs Chuka Umunna and Suella Fernandes are joined by a range of thinkers to map out a new path to achieve greater integration in the UK. They argue that social integration is about more than race and religion. It means bringing together people from all sorts of backgrounds: the old and young; straight and gay; rich and poor; disabled and non- disabled. This truly ‘One Nation’ agenda is crucial to reducing prejudice and discrimination, and improving opportunities and quality of life.

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The generation game: spending priorities for an ageing society

Ryan Shorthouse, Andrew Harrop and Anthony Rowlands

September 2015

Published with the Fabian Society and CentreForum, this collection of essays explores spending priorities for an ageing population.

We need to find the fairest and most sustainable funding settlement as the country adapts to demographic change. This collection includes contributions from George Freeman MP, The Rt Hon Lord David Willetts, Dr John Pugh MP, Debbie Abrahams MP, Claudia Wood, Ryan Shorthouse and many more.

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The future of work

Richard Mabey

July 2015

In this edition of Centre Write, we look at four key aspects for the future of work: the new economy, the jobs of the future, a new welfare settlement and a more diverse workforce. Contributors include the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, Professor David Blanchflower, Frances O’Grady, David Skelton and many more.

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Clash of the generations

Ryan Shorthouse

March 2010

Many young people today are voiceless. They need to start talking. Shouting, even. Younger workers have been hit the worse during the recession. Over the past few decades, a more flexible labour market has made youth employment less stable and earnings have declined relative to older workers. Getting on the property ladder remains a distant dream. Assets and wealth have become increasingly concentrated higher up theage scale. The first edition of The Progressive Conscience explores the “Clash of the Generations”, with contributions from David Willetts MP, Rafael Behr, Matthew Taylor, Tim Montgomerie, Anushka Asthana and many others.

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