Bright Blue Green Conservatism Research

We are a leading centre-right voice devising and promoting policies that can cost-effectively safeguard the environment at the same time as strengthening the economy. In particular, our work focuses on key policy areas such as air pollution, protecting the natural environment, climate finance and investment, and energy efficiency.

Bright Blue Human Rights Research

Our work explores how human rights can be better understood and enhanced in the UK and abroad, with a particular focus on: defending the European Convention on Human Rights; the role of human rights in British foreign policy; and how to tackle racial, gender, sexual, disability and religious discrimination.

Bright Blue Immigration Research

Our work devises ideas to ensure that the benefits of immigration are maximised and the challenges minimised. One such challenge is the integration of people from different social and economic backgrounds, which yields significant private and public benefits. Reforming institutions to encourage greater social mixing is particularly important for building a more integrated Britain.

Social Reform

We are generating fresh thinking about the purpose, design and financing of the UK’s education and welfare systems to boost life chances and national prosperity. As the economy becomes more globalised, competitive and automated, Britain’s social security system also needs revamping to improve its effectiveness and popularity.

Ageing Society

We develop new policies to help manage the challenges of the UK’s ageing society. The growing number of elderly people requires fresh, long-term thinking about sustainable funding arrangements for health and social care, as well as the state and workplace pension systems.

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