Standing alone? Self-employment for those on low income

David Kirkby

February 2016

Rises in the number of individuals self-employed since 2008 have been accompanied by sharp falls in earnings. With average earnings from self-employment now well below average earnings for employees, understanding the experiences and challenges facing self-employed individuals on low income is vital.

This report offers new evidence on these experiences and challenges and makes a number of policy recommendations to support this group more effectively.

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Going part-time: Understanding and reversing the decline in part-time higher education

Ryan Shorthouse and James Dobson

November 2015

Part-time Higher Education (HE) is associated with a number of benefits  to both the individual and to society. However, since 2010–11, there has been a sharp decline in the number of undergraduate and postgraduate entrants from the UK and other EU countries undertaking a part-time HE qualification. This report identifies the possible causes of the decline and the barriers that individuals considering part-time HE face.

Original policy reforms are proposed which are designed to reduce the  financial barriers individuals face when trying to access part-time HE. These policies are designed to be fiscally neutral, progressive and achieve a fairer funding settlement on HE between government, individuals and employers.

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The future of work

Richard Mabey

December 2015

In this edition of Centre Write, we look at four key aspects for the future of work: the new economy, the jobs of the future, a new welfare settlement and a more diverse workforce. Contributors include the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, Professor David Blanchflower, Frances O'Grady, David Skelton and many more.

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