Past news

29th December 2016 

The Guardian: Ministers put British bill of rights plan on hold until after Brexit

29th December 2016

The Mirror: Fury as Tories 'plan new campaign to leave human rights court' despite Brexit delay

24th December 2016

The Times: Prep schools struggling to fill free places for poorer pupils

24th December 2016

The Telegraph: Prep schools fail to fill free places for poor children because they can't find eligible families to take them

16th December 2016

The Guardian: Number of foreign undergrads at UK universities decreases 

12th December 2016

Schools Week: Consultation responses reveal widespread resistance to government selection plans

11th December 2016

The Guardian: Boris Johnson urged to promote human rights after Saudi Arabia gaffe

11th December 2016

IB Times: Politics 'Don't go easy on human rights' Boris Johnson urged after Saudi Arabia visit

10th December 2016

The Times: Elite schools offer 10,000 free places to poor pupils

8th December 2016

Business Green: Environmental groups unite in pursuit of a Greener UK post-Brexit

5th December 2016

The Independent: Government must increase English classes for migrants and make them take oath of allegiance, says report

5th December 2016

The Guardian: Casey review 'missed opportunity', says Muslim Council of Britain

5th December 2016

The Times: Migrants ordered to adopt liberal values and culture

30th November 2016

Prospect: Think Tank Awards 2016: the winners

29th November 2016

Huffington Post: Ruth Davidson: Jeremy Corbyn And John McDonnell Wanted IRA To Win

9th November 2016

City AM: Britain's coal-fired power stations likely to close by 2025 as government orders plants to halve carbon emissions or shut down

9th November 2016

Carbon Brief: UK plans to close last coal plant by 2025

9th November 2016

The Guardian: Britain's last coal power plants to close by 2025

2nd November 2016

The Guardian: High court rules UK government plans to tackle air pollution are illegal

1st November 2016

Nursery World: An early years teacher for every setting in deprived areas, Save the Children recommends

29th October 2016

The Telegraph: The Uber ruling is bad for drivers and customers - self-employment is the way forward

25th October 2016

Transport Network: Almost half of councils in breach of pollution limits

22nd October 2016

The Guardian: Four in 10 UK councils exceed air pollution limits, figures show 

22nd October 2016

The Independent: Almost half of local authorities breach air quality guidelines, government records reveal 

19th October 2016 

Business Green: Treasury accused of 'blocking' proposals to meet EU air pollution limits

8th October 2016 

Daily Mail: Can we stop this old-age time bomb?

5th October 2016

The Times: Migration moaners are hypocritical, says Soubry

5th October 2016

The Guardian: Small business minister: late payments are an outrage

4th October 2016

Huffington Post: Anna Soubry Hits Out At Anti-Immigrant Hypocrites Who Eat Chicken Tikka Masala

4th October 2016

BuzzFeed: Tory MP Attacks Daily Mail For “Nonsense About The NHS And Immigration”

3rd October 2016

ConservativeHome: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right

3rd October 2016 

Left Foot Forward: Are the Tories starting to see sense on housing?

29th September 2016

Business Green: Are we really heading for 'Blackout Britain'?

29th September 2016

The Telegraph: Energy policy overhaul 'needed to cut costs and keep lights on'

12th September 2016

The Guardian: Imagining London in 2050

12th September 2016

The Times: We need to be a magnet for the world’s talent

12th September 2016

City AM: The future of London: Is the city edging towards independence?

12th September 2016

The Telegraph: Londoners in 2050 won't need cars. They'll be living in an app-powered eco-capital

12th September 2016

Huffington Post: London Must Create A New Innovation Cluster

12th September 2016

Evening Standard: More grammar schools risks ‘us and them’ divide in education, says Alan Milburn

6th September 2016

The Guardian: Raise taxes to fund £15bn-a-year bid to end UK poverty, charity tells Tories

5th September 2016

The Register: Nul points: PM May's post-Brexit EU immigration options

31st August 2016

The Spectator: House prices, consumer confidence, tax bills and holiday costs

31st August 2016

The Telegraph: Own a draughty house? You should be banned from selling it, says think-tank

29th August 2016

The Guardian: Theresa May urged to reshape welfare with 'social insurance'

9th August 2016

Sky News: PM 'Preparing To Lift Grammar Schools Ban'

7th August 2016

The Guardian: Theresa May's grammar schools plan faces cross-party backlash

7th August 2016

The Daily Mail: New grammar schools storm

22nd July 2016

Prospect: Big question: Does Britain need a new political party?

20th July 2016

The Guardian: Can Theresa May even sell her new conservatism to her own cabinet?

12th July 2016

The Guardian: Theresa May: our writers’ verdict on the new prime minister

12th July 2016

Business Green: Will Theresa May emerge as a green business hero or eco-villain?

6th July 2016

The Mirror: Older cars and diesels to be hit with new super-charge to enter London – and it might not stop there

5th July 2016

Business Green: Councils demand say in how Brexit impacts local green policies

3rd July 2016

The Telegraph: EU citizens who have already settled in Britain must be made to feel welcome

27th June 2016

The Guardian: Tories: general election could be avoided with Theresa May as leader

18th June 2016

The Sun: Conservative think-tank puts pressure on David Cameron to call ‘attachment’ to notion of free movement into question

16th June 2016

The Financial Times: Will the Conservatives make peace with the law of human rights?

7th June 2016

The Daily Telegraph: Close UK coal plants early, say green Tories

7th June 2016

The Guardian: UK should 'shut down all coal power plants two years before 2025 pledge'

7th June 2016

Business Green: Tory modernisers urge government to accelerate coal phase-out

7th June 2016

Energy Voice: Call for earlier phasing out of coal power plants

7th June 2016

Share Radio: Sam Hall discusses Bright Blues' report, 'Security of supply after coal'

7th June 2016

Carbon Brief: UK electricity is secure without coal, says Conservative thinktank

18th May 2016

Huffington Post: A British Bill of Rights Is a Threat to the Absolute Ban on Torture

6th May 2016

ConservativeHome: Tackling insecurity. Here’s a plan published from the Left but with solutions for the Right – and for everyone else

27th April 2016

The Times: European convention ‘benefits British justice’

8th April 2016

ClimateHome: Greg Barker - Time for ‘fresh thinking’ on UK energy policy

8th April 2016

Business Green: Lord Howard launches fresh "Green conservatism" initative

21st March 2016

The Guardian: Iain Duncan Smith broadside leaves Cameron facing test of unity

19th March 2016

Holyrood: Behind the sugar tax: the budget, the sugar levy and the cuts

16th March 2016

Newsweek: British Budget 2016: What the experts say

16th March 2016

ConservativeHome: We ask our panel - What did you think of the budget

16th March 2016

The Guardian: Disability benefit cut - Tory backbenchers call for rethink

12th March 2016

The Guardian: How Eurosceptics are stalling George Osborne's ride to Number 10

22nd February 2016

BBC Hereford and Worcester: Is there hope for couples left thousands of miles apart by changes to immigration rules begins (2:47:00)

22nd February 2016

The Guardian: Families to challenge minimum income visa rules in Supreme Court

27th January 2016

Radio 5 Live: Phil Williams Show - Interview with David Kirkby on Bedroom Tax (begins 45:05)

27th January 2016

ConservativeHome: The New Tory Left launches – and challenges future leadership candidates

22nd January 2016

The Daily Telegraph: Oliver Letwin - Britain needs more black cabinet ministers

22nd January 2016

International Business Times: Tory policy chief Oliver Letwin admits ethnic diversity in government is 'frustratingly slow'

17th December 2015

Prospect: The top political moments of 2015  

11th December 2015

The Guardian: Preschool education boosts children's academic success, research finds

30th November 2015

Climate Home: George Osborne: The best barometer for success in Paris?

26th November 2015

The Independent: Autumn Statement: ‘Pain delayed, not scrapped’ in temporary halt to tax credit cuts

18th November 2015

Business Green: Government proposes 2025 deadline for coal power phase out

15th November 2015

Financial Times: Think-tank calls on companies to fund part-time students

19th October 2015

The Independent: Cut child benefit for children who do not attend pre-school, Tory think-tank says

19th October 2015

Nursery World: Link child benefit to take-up of free hours, says think-tank

19th October 2015

The Guardian: No pre-school, no child benefit, Tory thinktank says in report on poverty

9th October 2015

Australian Financial Review: The Brit who taught Scott Morrison tough love

7th October 2015

Prospect: David Cameron’s conference speech: Big on liberal rhetoric, low on policy ideas

7th October 2015

Deutsche Welle: Conservatives stake their claim to the center-ground of British politics

6th October 2015

Times Higher Education: David Willetts: Tory areas are ‘culprits’ if too many people go to university

29th September 2015

BBC: Jeremy Corbyn 'not the Messiah,' says Keir Starmer

27th August 2015

The Week: MPs and businesses cross swords over record net migration

27th August 2015

The Daily Telegraph: Drop immigration 'tens of thousands' pledge, influential think-tank tells ministers

27th August 2015

The Daily Express: Number of Romanians coming to Britain triples – as EU workers boost migrant totals

26th August 2015

Business Green: Could 'subsidy-free' CfDs solve UK's renewables policy dilemma?

8th July 2015

Times Higher Education: Budget 2015: fees can rise for universities with ‘high-quality teaching’

6th July 2015

The Independent: Budget 2015: George Osborne's tax credit cuts will 'affect more than seven million children'

2nd July 2015

City AM: Think tank: Fossil heavy FTSE 100 exposes investors to risks

30th June 2015

The Daily Telegraph: Lord Howard: Tories must do more to protect environment

25th June 2015

The Daily Telegraph: Green Investment Bank on sale for as much as £3bn

25th June 2015

The Guardian: Senior Tories slam government's Green Investment Bank sell-off

13th June 2015

The Independent: Tories could capture millions of ethnic minority votes if they soften stance on immigration, says study

10th June 2015

The Daily Telegraph: Grandparents could share their children's parental leave, suggests David Cameron

28th May 2015

The Plymouth Herald: Plan to research value of student sector on Plymouth's economy

25th May 2015

ConservativeHome: Here is early evidence that the Conservatives are now winning more ethnic minority votes

24th May 2015

The Observer: Tory commentators on how the Conservatives can hold on to power

22nd May 2015

Cambridge News: Cambridge family lawyer urges divorcing parents 'to think about the impact' on grandparents

21st May 2015

The Independent: Illegal immigrants' pay will be seized, pledges David Cameron

17th May 2015

The Observer: David Cameron sets out his stall for first 100 days

10th May 2015

The Observer: Now the Tories are set to govern alone, how different will Britain look in 2020?

10th May 2015

The Independent: David Cameron tries to convince backbenchers he has changed leadership style in attempt to head off rebellions

28th April 2015

Social Market Foundation: Digesting the Labour manifesto (from 11:30)

11th April 2015

ConservativeHome: Could Labour’s days as a national force be numbered?

5th April 2015

The Independent: We cannot expect our MPs to look like Aidan Turner or Lily James, but appearance does count in politics

5th April 2015

The Huffington Post: David Cameron Must Abandon Net Migration Target In Manifesto, Say Modernising Tories

4th April 2015

The Times: Farage planned attack on HIV victims to boost his core vote

24th March 2015

The Daily Telegraph: Meet the woman who should lead the Conservatives after David Cameron - and no it's not Theresa May

13th March 2015

London School of Economics: The Coalition’s social policy record: policy, spending and outcomes 2010-2015

11th March 2015

The Guardian: Nicky Morgan urges 'curriculum for life' to deal with sexting and pornography

11th March 2015

The Daily Mail: Lessons in modern life: Pupils to be taught about how to deal with dangers of sexting, revenge porn and cyber-bullying

11th March 2015

The Daily Mail: Morgan urges 'curriculum for life'

11th March 2015

Pink News: Nicky Morgan: Sex education forms an ‘important part’ of PSHE

11th March 2015

International Business Times: Nicky Morgan: Schools should teach 'curriculum for life' covering sexting and revenge porn

10th March 2015

The Daily Telegraph: Nicky Morgan unveils 'lessons for life' for all children

26th February 2015

The Independent: David Cameron: We can still cut immigration to below 100,000 a year

26th February 2015

The Independent: Migration figures: Britons think immigration is good for sport, bad for the NHS but doesn't really affect them personally, poll finds

26th February 2015

The Independent: Tory immigration pledge 'failed spectacularly' as figures show net migration nearly three times as high as David Cameron promised

20th February 2015

Equality and Diversity Forum: Shaping the future of equality, human rights and social justice (from 22:50)

16th February 2015

The Guardian: Tories should look beyond migration cap, says thinktank

15th February

The Guardian: Tax avoiders and hedge funds. The Tories invited them to the party...

29th January 2015

The Daily Telegraph: Foreign voters will decide constituencies for the first time

20th January 2015

The Daily Telegraph: Isle of Purbeck - the only place in Britain where immigration has fallen

19th January 2015

Guardian: Politics live  

19th January 2015

New Statesman: Tory supporters warn the PM against out-Ukipping Ukip on immigration

19th January 2015

The Daily Telegraph: David Cameron should not be tempted to mimic the policies of the UK Independence Party

7th January 2015

Evening Standard: London's Diary: Johnsons are the new Medicis as Rachel steps up

6th January 2015

The Guardian: Winners and losers from foreign students

28th December 2014

The Guardian: Rising stars of 2015

24th December 2014

Daily Mail: Call for laws to help grandparents who prop up our families after report reveals quarter now spends time caring for grandchildren

5th December 2014

The Times: Grammar school revival attacked by Gove allies 

28th November 2014

The Telegraph: Let working grandparents take their children's parental leave allowance, says thinktank 

28th November 2014

The Guardian: David Cameron's immigration speech - as it happened

27th November 2014

BBC News: 'Conservatives should back votes for 16-year-olds'

The Huffington Post: Ex-Minister urges Cameron to 'move on' from immigration after speech

PoliticsHome: Green urges Cameron to modernise

Herald Scotland: MP: teenage vote can counter Ukip threat

Western Morning News: Conservatives urged to give 16-year-olds the vote to counter UKIP

26th November 2014

The Telegraph: The Tories need to win over young people who are 'relaxed about drugs, sex and alcohol', says Damian Green

21st November 2014

The Independent: Jubilant Ukip sets its sights on balance of power after Rochester and Strood victory

22nd October 2014

The Telegraph: The Tories can't woo Ukip voters and ethnic minorities at the same time

20th October 2014

Conservative Home: The Tories cannot forget the Great promise that they made

16th October 2014

Conservative Home: Osborne should cut National Insurance for poorer workers

8th October 2014

The Guardian: How will 'super diversity' affect the future of British politics?

2nd October 2014

The Guardian: Tories pledge tax cuts to follow welfare cuts

1st October 2014

Cosmopolitan: Are the Tories dealing with their 'women problem'?

30th September 2014

New Statesman: Minority retort: the Tories are looking to a future without the Lib Dems

GQ Magazine: How to survive political party conferences

Times Higher Education: Tory conference: 'Many universities aren't teaching anybody anything’

29th September 2014

London Evening Standard: Cutting benefits cap 'will leave London as ghetto for the rich'

25th September 2014

The Independent: Tory modernisers attempt to stop local pacts with Ukip candidates

25th September 2014

New Statesman: Greg Barker: the loyal Cameroon

10th September 2014

Nusery World: Childcare loan scheme could help businesses keep staff

3rd September 2014

London Evening Standard: Matthew d'Ancona: The Tory Right's antics could ruin Conservative hopes

13th August 2014

New Statesman: Ethnic minorities mean John Major would not win today

8th August 2014

Huffington Post: Nick Clegg In Bold Call For Radical Overhaul Of 'Utterly Senseless' Drug Laws

7th August 2014

Times Higher Education: David Willetts' loan book plan: smart business or half-baked?

16th July 2014

New Statesman: The reshuffle prepared the Tories for battle. But what does Cameron stand for beyond a desire to win?

15th July 2014

The Guardian: Nicky Morgan completes rapid rise to Cameron's top team

15th July 2014

Progress Online: March of the modernisers

9th July 2014

The Journal: It's lonely up North, admits Conservative MP Guy Opperman

13th June 2014

The Guardian: Tory Minister says party is performing appallingly among ethnic minorities

11th June 2014

Conservative Home: Chloe Smith MP: The economy. Education. Intergenerational issues. The most important ones for young people.

7th June 2014

Policy Exchange: What should the political parties promise on education in 2015?

29th May 2014

Progress Online: All change

26th May 2014

The Times: Tories talk of further curbs on immigrants as Ukip gains sink in

22nd May 2014

Times Higher Education: Ukip could 'challenge the agenda of higher education expansion'

13th May 2014

Progress: The modernisers’ manifesto

8th May 2014

The New Statesman: The Tories' minorities push has come too late to help them in 2015

The Times Higher Education: Think tank adds to pressure to take students out of net migration figures

6th May 2014 Ethnic minorities soar in number - and they don't vote Tory

5th May 2014

The Spectator: Why policy wonks love Milton Keynes

30th April 2014

Conservative Home: The economy may be growing, but it still isn't nearly fixed

Voice of Russia: Modern Conservatives: Has Cameron managed to galvanise the Tories?

The Huffington Post: Simpering Tories Still Have a Bad Smell, Warns Former David Cameron Adviser

29th April 2014

The Huffington Post: Cannabis Legalisation In The UK: Campaigners Welcome Tory Think-Tank's To Ease Britain's Drug Law

The Telegraph: Prime Minister must stop fighting 'futile' war on drugs

Daily Mail: Time to surrender in the 'futile' war on drugs, Tory modernisers tell Cameron in attempt to lift party's appeal to young voters Tories urge Cameron to surrender the war on drugs

The Guardian: Labour argument on NHS trusts branded puerile by ex-No 10 adviser

28th April 2014

The Independent: Tory think-tank pushes for easing of cannabis laws to be cornerstone of party's election manifesto

The Guardian: Ukip condemned by cross-party group for running 'racist' campaign

20th April 2014:

The Sunday Times: Tory party shortlists ‘need more women’

05th April 2014: 

The Telegraph: Reassurance - not revolution - is the Tory mantra for 2015

18th March 2014:

NurseryWorld: Pupil premium extended to early years as tax-free childcare scheme expands

04th March 2014:

Children Young People Now: Better school-to-work links urged

04th March 2014:

NurseryWorld: Childcare fees now higher than mortgage, but rise slows

17th February 2014:

NurseryWorld: New study shows shortfalls for twos places

08th February 2014:

The Economist: A syndical ploy

03rd February 2014:

Progress: House of cards

03rd February 2014:

The Guardian: Andrew Mitchell urges Tories to engage black and minority ethnic voters

22nd January 2014: 

ConservativeHome: Nicky Morgan has a point

22nd January 2014:

The Telegraph: The real reasons female Tory MPs are quitting Parliament

22nd January 2014:

The Telegraph: MPs are useless? Not this time

22nd January 2014:

The Telegraph: The politics of hate and the Conservative Party

21st January 2014

Daily Mail: Tories cannot win if we just 'hate' everything and everyone, Treasury minister warns

21st January 2014

The Independent: Conservative Party must explain what it 'actually stands for,' says rising star

21st January 2014

The Telegraph: Tories need less 'hate' to win election, says minister

21st January 2014

The Huffington Post: Tory Message Needs Less 'Hate' To Win In 2015, Says Treasury Minister

10th January 2014

The New Statesman: On this week's New Statesman Podcast: Episode Thirty-One

9th January 2014

The Guardian: Minimum wage should rise but not at the cost of jobs, says George Osborne

8th January 2014

ConservativeHome: The pressure is on for a Minimum Wage rise – but is it the right thing to do?

Financial Times: So you want to increase the minimum wage?

7th January 2014

The Times: Minimum wage rise could be a Tory winner

7th January 2014

The Guardian: Lib Dems accuse Tories of 'nicking' party's policy on low wages

5th January 2014

The Guardian: Conservative party: low politics on the high wire

4th January 2014

The Guardian: 'We must not pander to Ukip': moderate Tories challenge drift to right

30th December 2013

The Guardian: Migration: politics of fear

28th December 2013 Britain Panic Stricken over Bulgarian, Romanian Immigrants 

28th December 2013

PressTV: UK PM urged to soften tone on migration

28th December 2013

ConservativeHome: The uber-modernisers should show the Conservative Party a little bit of love

28th December 2013

The Huffington Post: David Cameron Warned To Stop 'Pandering To Ukip Prejudices' And Soften Tone On Immigration Threat

27th December 2013

The Guardian: David Cameron 'must stop pandering to Ukip prejudices'

27th December 2013

The Independent: David Cameron urged to soften tone on immigration

18th December 2013

The Independent: Michael Gove leaves door open for expansion of grammar schools

23rd November 2013

The Economist: All mod Cons

20th November 2013

The Spectator: Nick Boles is right: the Tory party must change

Conservative Home: The courage of Nick Boles

19th November 2013

The New Statesman: Nick Boles calls for new National Liberal-Conservative alliance

18th November 2013

Conservative Home: The case for free school co-operatives is set out by Steve Baker

14th November 2013

Times Higher Education: Universities must not repeat music’s costly online errors

6th November 2013

Conservative Home: The best way to help poorer workers is to cut their tax bill

5th October 2013

The Spectator Blog: Get a sense of humour: the Tories and coalition

2nd October 2013

The Guardian: Conservative conference: Ukip and Thatcher give David Cameron a headache

30th September 2013

The Times: Tories and UKIP can strike deal, says Farage [Front Page] (directly quotes our magazine article)

The Week: Who's writing Tory manifesto? David Cameron or Nigel Farage?

Platform10: Nick's Fringe Podcast - #CPC13 Monday [Audio]

The Guardian: Conservative party: raising the mental drawbridge

29th September 2013

The Observer: Anxious Tories look to halt the Ed Miliband bounce

The Telegraph: David Cameron rules out mansion tax

Platform10: Nick’s Fringe Podcast - #CPC13 Sunday [Audio]

27th September 2013

The Times Diary (TMS): Who let McBride in? Up guards and at ’em, art attack and horses play

11th September 2013

The Telegraph: Lynton Crosby still has to teach the Tories how to speak about welfare

4th September 2013

The Independent: Tories could raise minimum wage in effort to dispel their image as the 'party of the rich'

27th June 2013

The Independent: Wait for benefits could backfire, warns Tory ally

30th May 2013

Cicero Consulting: In Conversation...with Ryan Shorthouse (video)

14th May 2013

Total Politics: David Willetts on today's 'difficult process for Tories'

4th May 2013

The Independent: Local elections: Tories in civil war as Ukip glory puts David Cameron under pressure

20th April 2013

The Economist: Divided Kingdom

3rd April 2013

The New Statesman: What does it mean to make work pay?

30th March 2013

The New Statesman: Postgraduate funding is an inequitable mess and we urgently need to fix it

27th March 2013 

ConservativeHome: What is causing the stagnation of wages? Matthew Hancock MP sets out a Tory agenda for the low-paid.

25th March 2013

The Independent: David Cameron accused of 'scaremongering' as new crackdown on immigration unravels

24th March 2013

The Telegraph: Michael Gove the cabinet winner in poll of Tory members

19th March 2013

Platform 10: Why leaning in is part of a Conservative equalities agenda

18th March 2013

Total Politics: How to become leader of the Conservative Party

4th March 2013

Conservative Home: Roger Scruton versus the post-modern Conservative Party

21st February 2013

Prospect: Postmodern Tories

19th February 2013

Progress: It was acceptable in the 80s

7th February 2013

The New Statesman: Reviewed: Tory Modernisation 2.0 edited by Ryan Shorthouse and Guy Stagg

The Independent: David Cameron has won battle on gay marriage - but not the war, Tory MPs warn

Times Higher Education: Promises, promises: main parties start to look to 2015

5th February 2013

The Huffington Post: Gay Marriage: Has Outcry Set Back Cameron's Tory Modernisation?

4th February 2013

The Guardian: Can David Cameron see off the Tory troublemakers?

The Guardian: If profit-making schools are the answer, what's the question?

22nd January 2013

The Guardian: These Tory backbenchers will bang on until they hit self-destruct

19th January 2013

ConservativeHome: What the Tory modernisers did next

17th January 2013

Total Politics: All Mod Conservatives

16th January 2013

Daily Mail: Expand villages by a third and allow extensions without planning permission 'to solve homes crisis'

The Economist: Tory modernisation 2.0. Another round of renewal [Video]

Planning Resource: Tory modernisers press for further planning reform

Times Higher Education: Tory 2.0 plans: undergrads can pay for postgrads

Local Government Chronical: News round-up 16/1

Teaching Personnel: Conservative group advocates for-profit state schools

Platform10: Conservatives: Past, present and future

11th January 2013

ITV News: Teachers' union response on failing schools

10th January 2013

The Independent: Revealed - Tory plan for firms to run schools for profit

The Telegraph: Conservatives should be the party of the low paid, minister says

Children & Young People Now: Daily roundup: Profit-making schools, help to stop smoking, and preparing young people for work

The New Statesman: How academies covertly select pupils

The Huffington Post: Mehdi's Morning Memo

The Economist: Tory modernisers are launching a renewed campaign. It is overdue

The Telegraph: Private firms could be allowed to run schools

2nd January 2013

Platform10: Change to win v2.0

1st January 2013

The Guardian: David Cameron, the pragmatic mod, should beware his party's rockers

31st December 2012

The Telegraph: Francis Maude: Tories must modernise or face 'oblivion'

30th December 2012

The Guardian: Leading Conservative modernisers relaunch reform programme

The Sunday Telegraph: David Cameron: we’ll help the strivers, not welfare claimants

14th December 2012

Kent Online: Ashford MP Damian Green defends EU membership in speech

12th December 2012

The Independent: Eurosceptic Tories have 'fantastical idea of UK’s future outside EU'

Conservative Home: Damian Green's modernising speech in five points

The Telegraph: Damian Green tilts at Conservative 'fantasy' on Europe, and raises questions that need answers

The Daily Mail: Top Tory minister dismisses 'fantasy' of Britain breaking away from Brussels but staying in single market

The Telegraph: Damian Green: Conservatives' free-market vision of EU is 'fantasy' Green leads fight against Tory eurosceptics

The Spectator Blog: Tory minister says yes to EU and no to immigration to win at 2015

23rd November 2012

The Independent: The Tories should drop their obsession with small government

14th November 2012

The Fabian Society: The last of the one nation Tories 

2nd November 2012

Platform 10: Iris, teal, cornflower, baby, oxford, french, periwinkle, steel, denim, palatinate, sky, true…

16th October 2012

ConservativeHome: Would Cable or Clegg be a better Lib Dem leader for the Tories?

13th October 2012

The Economist: Tribes of Tories

11th October 2012

Action Aid: Blog from the Conservative Party Conference

9th October 2012

WWF: Conservatives and Climate Change

7th October 2012 No mansion tax: Tories refuse to 'clobber' middle classes

6th October 2012

The Guardian: Tory group calls on David Cameron to form another coalition with Lib Dems

6th October 2012

The Telegraph: The Man with the Plan can’t keep avoiding the Blond One 

31st August 2012

Reuters: Cameron looks to reshuffle to revive fortunes

7th August 2012

New Statesman: Tories may be wrong on national debt, but some are right on personal debt

30th July 2012 Tories must embrace the state

29th July 2012

Daily Mail: The Olympics have given us a chance to look back with fondness - and forward with hope

Platform 10: Conservative Modernisation 2.0 – The Word Cloud

28th July 2012

ConservativeHome: David Willetts wants Conservatives to embrace the state (and he's right)

The Times: Modernise to win, Willetts tells Cameron 

24th July 2012

Shifting Grounds: Time for a new pro-family policy

18th March 2012

The Guardian: Think tanks as a source of opinion and news stories

16th March 2012

Yorkshire Post: Lib Dems can be the coalition accelerator, not the brake

15th March 2012

ConservativeHome: The Tory Right must not again look like we are obsessed with tax, crime, Europe and immigration

This is Somerset: Astute coalition architect makes a virtue of division

This is Somerset: Yeovil MP David Laws optimistic over Tory-Lib Dem coalition prospects

14th March 2012

Daily Mail: What a gruesome love-in!

The Guardian: Coalition government: laws of political survival

Total Politics: David Laws warns both parties must keep up ‘necessary modernisation’

The Scotsman: Lib Dem's warning on the coalition

13th March 2012

The Times: David Laws calls on Lib Dems to stick with coalition government

The Daily Telegraph: David Cameron says Nick Clegg is stopping him reforming human rights law

Financial Times: Laws warns against 'policy paralysis'

The Guardian: Tory-Lib Dem coalition faces paralysis, warns David Laws

16th February 2012

Matthew Taylor's Blog: Bright Blue reflections

9th January 2012

Conservative Home: Baroness Warsi is the most powerful example of Tory feminism

4th October 2011

Dale & Co: The Tory modernisers fight back

1st June 2011

Tory Reform Group: Conservative Mainstream: what's in a name?

25th May 2011

Progress: Electoral battleground - has the centre-ground shifted?

2nd January 2011

The Observer: The coalition counts on blaming Labour for everything. Bad move

30th December 2010

Public Service magazine: Localism: how far can it go?

8th October 2010

Reuters: Tories won't soften cuts, despite risks

4th October 2010

Children & Young People Now: Former Tory aide slams party's commitment to marriage tax breaks

23rd July 2010 Cross-party consensus builds for 'yes to AV' vote

22nd July 2010

Spiked Online: Electoral reform alone won't resuscitate politics

Policy Review TV: Queen's Speech Forum

12th May 2010

The Guardian: We are the real progressives

31st March 2010

Public Affairs News: Bright Blue urges "progressive" policy

21st March 2010

Platform 10: Safety in numbers

18th March 2010

Conservative Home: New network for progressive conservatives is launched

Third Sector magazine: 'Progressive Conservatism' think tank plans to work with sector on campaigns

18th February 2010

Platform 10: What are we educating for?

16th February 2010

The Sydney Institute: Jonty Olliff-Cooper - Progressive Conservatism in Contemporary Britain.

14th February 2010

The Guardian: Cry goes up for a Great Debate on schools.

13th January 2010

LinksUK: Does equality matter? New Tory think tank Bright Blue dives into the fairness debate.

Platform10: Bright Blue: Does inequality matter?

Left Foot Forward: Theresa May refuses to defend Thatcher on inequality.

The Equality Trust: Progressive Conservatives discuss inequality.

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