31st December

The Telegraph: Francis Maude: Tories must modernise or face 'oblivion'

30th December

The Guardian: Leading Conservative modernisers relaunch reform programme

The Sunday Telegraph: David Cameron: we’ll help the strivers, not welfare claimants

14th December

Kent Online: Ashford MP Damian Green defends EU membership in speech

12th December

The Independent: Eurosceptic Tories have 'fantastical idea of UK’s future outside EU'

Conservative Home: Damian Green's modernising speech in five points

The Telegraph: Damian Green tilts at Conservative 'fantasy' on Europe, and raises questions that need answers

The Daily Mail: Top Tory minister dismisses 'fantasy' of Britain breaking away from Brussels but staying in single market

The Telegraph: Damian Green: Conservatives' free-market vision of EU is 'fantasy' Green leads fight against Tory eurosceptics

The Spectator Blog: Tory minister says yes to EU and no to immigration to win at 2015

23rd November

The Independent: The Tories should drop their obsession with small government

14th November

The Fabian Society: The last of the one nation Tories 

2nd November

Platform 10: Iris, teal, cornflower, baby, oxford, french, periwinkle, steel, denim, palatinate, sky, true…

16th October

ConservativeHome: Would Cable or Clegg be a better Lib Dem leader for the Tories?

13th October

The Economist: Tribes of Tories

11th October

Action Aid: Blog from the Conservative Party Conference

9th October

WWF: Conservatives and Climate Change

7th October No mansion tax: Tories refuse to 'clobber' middle classes

6th October

The Guardian: Tory group calls on David Cameron to form another coalition with Lib Dems

6th October

The Telegraph: The Man with the Plan can’t keep avoiding the Blond One 

31st August

Reuters: Cameron looks to reshuffle to revive fortunes

7th August

New Statesman: Tories may be wrong on national debt, but some are right on personal debt

30th July Tories must embrace the state

29th July

Daily Mail: The Olympics have given us a chance to look back with fondness - and forward with hope

Platform 10: Conservative Modernisation 2.0 – The Word Cloud

28th July

ConservativeHome: David Willetts wants Conservatives to embrace the state (and he's right)

The Times: Modernise to win, Willetts tells Cameron 

24th July

Shifting Grounds: Time for a new pro-family policy

18th March

The Guardian: Think tanks as a source of opinion and news stories

16th March

Yorkshire Post: Lib Dems can be the coalition accelerator, not the brake

15th March

ConservativeHome: The Tory Right must not again look like we are obsessed with tax, crime, Europe and immigration

This is Somerset: Astute coalition architect makes a virtue of division

This is Somerset: Yeovil MP David Laws optimistic over Tory-Lib Dem coalition prospects

14th March

Daily Mail: What a gruesome love-in!

The Guardian: Coalition government: laws of political survival

Total Politics: David Laws warns both parties must keep up ‘necessary modernisation’

The Scotsman: Lib Dem's warning on the coalition

13th March

The Times: David Laws calls on Lib Dems to stick with coalition government

The Daily Telegraph: David Cameron says Nick Clegg is stopping him reforming human rights law

Financial Times: Laws warns against 'policy paralysis'

The Guardian: Tory-Lib Dem coalition faces paralysis, warns David Laws

16th February

Matthew Taylor's Blog: Bright Blue reflections

9th January

Conservative Home: Baroness Warsi is the most powerful example of Tory feminism

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