30th December

The Guardian: Migration: politics of fear

28th December Britain Panic Stricken over Bulgarian, Romanian Immigrants 

28th December

PressTV: UK PM urged to soften tone on migration

28th December

ConservativeHome: The uber-modernisers should show the Conservative Party a little bit of love

28th December

The Huffington Post: David Cameron Warned To Stop 'Pandering To Ukip Prejudices' And Soften Tone On Immigration Threat

27th December

The Guardian: David Cameron 'must stop pandering to Ukip prejudices'

27th December

The Independent: David Cameron urged to soften tone on immigration

18th December

The Independent: Michael Gove leaves door open for expansion of grammar schools

23rd November

The Economist: All mod Cons

20th November

The Spectator: Nick Boles is right: the Tory party must change

Conservative Home: The courage of Nick Boles

19th November

The New Statesman: Nick Boles calls for new National Liberal-Conservative alliance

18th November

Conservative Home: The case for free school co-operatives is set out by Steve Baker

14th November

Times Higher Education: Universities must not repeat music’s costly online errors

6th November

Conservative Home: The best way to help poorer workers is to cut their tax bill

5th October

The Spectator Blog: Get a sense of humour: the Tories and coalition

2nd October

The Guardian: Conservative conference: Ukip and Thatcher give David Cameron a headache

30th September

The Times: Tories and UKIP can strike deal, says Farage [Front Page] (directly quotes our magazine article)

The Week: Who's writing Tory manifesto? David Cameron or Nigel Farage?

Platform10: Nick's Fringe Podcast - #CPC13 Monday [Audio]

The Guardian: Conservative party: raising the mental drawbridge

29th September

The Observer: Anxious Tories look to halt the Ed Miliband bounce

The Telegraph: David Cameron rules out mansion tax

Platform10: Nick’s Fringe Podcast - #CPC13 Sunday [Audio]

27th September

The Times Diary (TMS): Who let McBride in? Up guards and at ’em, art attack and horses play

11th September

The Telegraph: Lynton Crosby still has to teach the Tories how to speak about welfare

4th September

The Independent: Tories could raise minimum wage in effort to dispel their image as the 'party of the rich'

27th June

The Independent: Wait for benefits could backfire, warns Tory ally

30th May

Cicero Consulting: In Conversation...with Ryan Shorthouse (video)

14th May

Total Politics: David Willetts on today's 'difficult process for Tories'

4th May

The Independent: Local elections: Tories in civil war as Ukip glory puts David Cameron under pressure

20th April

The Economist: Divided Kingdom

3rd April

The New Statesman: What does it mean to make work pay?

30th March

The New Statesman: Postgraduate funding is an inequitable mess and we urgently need to fix it

27th March

ConservativeHome: What is causing the stagnation of wages? Matthew Hancock MP sets out a Tory agenda for the low-paid.

25th March

The Independent: David Cameron accused of 'scaremongering' as new crackdown on immigration unravels

24th March

The Telegraph: Michael Gove the cabinet winner in poll of Tory members

19th March

Platform 10: Why leaning in is part of a Conservative equalities agenda

18th March

Total Politics: How to become leader of the Conservative Party

4th March

Conservative Home: Roger Scruton versus the post-modern Conservative Party

21st February

Prospect: Postmodern Tories

19th February

Progress: It was acceptable in the 80s

7th February

The New Statesman: Reviewed: Tory Modernisation 2.0 edited by Ryan Shorthouse and Guy Stagg

The Independent: David Cameron has won battle on gay marriage - but not the war, Tory MPs warn

Times Higher Education: Promises, promises: main parties start to look to 2015

5th February

The Huffington Post: Gay Marriage: Has Outcry Set Back Cameron's Tory Modernisation?

4th February

The Guardian: Can David Cameron see off the Tory troublemakers?

The Guardian: If profit-making schools are the answer, what's the question?

22nd January

The Guardian: These Tory backbenchers will bang on until they hit self-destruct

19th January

ConservativeHome: What the Tory modernisers did next

17th January

Total Politics: All Mod Conservatives

16th January

Daily Mail: Expand villages by a third and allow extensions without planning permission 'to solve homes crisis'

The Economist: Tory modernisation 2.0. Another round of renewal [Video]

Planning Resource: Tory modernisers press for further planning reform

Times Higher Education: Tory 2.0 plans: undergrads can pay for postgrads

Local Government Chronical: News round-up 16/1

Teaching Personnel: Conservative group advocates for-profit state schools

Platform10: Conservatives: Past, present and future

11th January

ITV News: Teachers' union response on failing schools

10th January

The Independent: Revealed - Tory plan for firms to run schools for profit

The Telegraph: Conservatives should be the party of the low paid, minister says

Children & Young People Now: Daily roundup: Profit-making schools, help to stop smoking, and preparing young people for work

The New Statesman: How academies covertly select pupils

The Huffington Post: Mehdi's Morning Memo

The Economist: Tory modernisers are launching a renewed campaign. It is overdue

The Telegraph: Private firms could be allowed to run schools

2nd January

Platform10: Change to win v2.0

1st January

The Guardian: David Cameron, the pragmatic mod, should beware his party's rockers

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