8th February 2017

The Guardian: Lack of transparency over green energy subsidies 'shambolic', say MPs

8th February 2017

New Statesman: The May Doctrine

30th January 2017

The Guardian: Green movement 'greatest threat to freedom', says Trump adviser

19th January 2017

Il Foglio: Decifrare il conservatorismo di May. L’analisi di tre esperti (Deciphering the conservatism of May. The analysis of three experts) 

18th January 2017

The Independent: Tories must 'loudly disown' Donald Trump's climate change denial or pay the electoral price, think tank warns

16th January 2017 

The Times: Brexit Bedfellows

10th January 2017

The Guardian: Government review likely to back Swansea Bay tidal lagoon

9th January 2017

Climate Home: Why is the UK selling its flagship climate bank?

4th January 2017 

The Guardian: Brexit ‘zombie legislation’ could damage wildlife and farming, MPs warn

29th December 2016 

The Guardian: Ministers put British bill of rights plan on hold until after Brexit

29th December 2016

The Mirror: Fury as Tories 'plan new campaign to leave human rights court' despite Brexit delay

24th December 2016

The Times: Prep schools struggling to fill free places for poorer pupils

24th December 2016

The Telegraph: Prep schools fail to fill free places for poor children because they can't find eligible families to take them

16th December 2016

The Guardian: Number of foreign undergrads at UK universities decreases 

12th December 2016

Schools Week: Consultation responses reveal widespread resistance to government selection plans

11th December 2016

The Guardian: Boris Johnson urged to promote human rights after Saudi Arabia gaffe

11th December 2016

IB Times: Politics 'Don't go easy on human rights' Boris Johnson urged after Saudi Arabia visit

10th December 2016

The Times: Elite schools offer 10,000 free places to poor pupils

8th December 2016

Business Green: Environmental groups unite in pursuit of a Greener UK post-Brexit

5th December 2016

The Independent: Government must increase English classes for migrants and make them take oath of allegiance, says report

5th December 2016

The Guardian: Casey review 'missed opportunity', says Muslim Council of Britain

5th December 2016

The Times: Migrants ordered to adopt liberal values and culture

30th November 2016

Prospect: Think Tank Awards 2016: the winners

29th November 2016

Huffington Post: Ruth Davidson: Jeremy Corbyn And John McDonnell Wanted IRA To Win

9th November 2016

City AM: Britain's coal-fired power stations likely to close by 2025 as government orders plants to halve carbon emissions or shut down

9th November 2016

Carbon Brief: UK plans to close last coal plant by 2025

9th November 2016

The Guardian: Britain's last coal power plants to close by 2025

2nd November 2016

The Guardian: High court rules UK government plans to tackle air pollution are illegal

1st November 2016

Nursery World: An early years teacher for every setting in deprived areas, Save the Children recommends

29th October 2016

The Telegraph: The Uber ruling is bad for drivers and customers - self-employment is the way forward

25th October 2016

Transport Network: Almost half of councils in breach of pollution limits

22nd October 2016

The Guardian: Four in 10 UK councils exceed air pollution limits, figures show 

22nd October 2016

The Independent: Almost half of local authorities breach air quality guidelines, government records reveal 

19th October 2016 

Business Green: Treasury accused of 'blocking' proposals to meet EU air pollution limits

8th October 2016 

Daily Mail: Can we stop this old-age time bomb?

5th October 2016

The Times: Migration moaners are hypocritical, says Soubry

5th October 2016

The Guardian: Small business minister: late payments are an outrage

4th October 2016

Huffington Post: Anna Soubry Hits Out At Anti-Immigrant Hypocrites Who Eat Chicken Tikka Masala

4th October 2016

BuzzFeed: Tory MP Attacks Daily Mail For “Nonsense About The NHS And Immigration”

3rd October 2016

ConservativeHome: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right

3rd October 2016 

Left Foot Forward: Are the Tories starting to see sense on housing?

29th September 2016

Business Green: Are we really heading for 'Blackout Britain'?

29th September 2016

The Telegraph: Energy policy overhaul 'needed to cut costs and keep lights on'

12th September 2016

The Guardian: Imagining London in 2050

12th September 2016

The Times: We need to be a magnet for the world’s talent

12th September 2016

City AM: The future of London: Is the city edging towards independence?

12th September 2016

The Telegraph: Londoners in 2050 won't need cars. They'll be living in an app-powered eco-capital

12th September 2016

Huffington Post: London Must Create A New Innovation Cluster

12th September 2016

Evening Standard: More grammar schools risks ‘us and them’ divide in education, says Alan Milburn

6th September 2016

The Guardian: Raise taxes to fund £15bn-a-year bid to end UK poverty, charity tells Tories

5th September 2016

The Register: Nul points: PM May's post-Brexit EU immigration options

31st August 2016

The Spectator: House prices, consumer confidence, tax bills and holiday costs

31st August 2016

The Telegraph: Own a draughty house? You should be banned from selling it, says think-tank

29th August 2016

The Guardian: Theresa May urged to reshape welfare with 'social insurance'

9th August 2016

Sky News: PM 'Preparing To Lift Grammar Schools Ban'

7th August 2016

The Guardian: Theresa May's grammar schools plan faces cross-party backlash

7th August 2016

The Daily Mail: New grammar schools storm

22nd July 2016

Prospect: Big question: Does Britain need a new political party?

20th July 2016

The Guardian: Can Theresa May even sell her new conservatism to her own cabinet?

12th July 2016

The Guardian: Theresa May: our writers’ verdict on the new prime minister

12th July 2016

Business Green: Will Theresa May emerge as a green business hero or eco-villain?

6th July 2016

The Mirror: Older cars and diesels to be hit with new super-charge to enter London – and it might not stop there

5th July 2016

Business Green: Councils demand say in how Brexit impacts local green policies

3rd July 2016

The Telegraph: EU citizens who have already settled in Britain must be made to feel welcome

27th June 2016

The Guardian: Tories: general election could be avoided with Theresa May as leader

18th June 2016

The Sun: Conservative think-tank puts pressure on David Cameron to call ‘attachment’ to notion of free movement into question

16th June 2016

The Financial Times: Will the Conservatives make peace with the law of human rights?

7th June 2016

The Daily Telegraph: Close UK coal plants early, say green Tories

7th June 2016

The Guardian: UK should 'shut down all coal power plants two years before 2025 pledge'

7th June 2016

Business Green: Tory modernisers urge government to accelerate coal phase-out

7th June 2016

Energy Voice: Call for earlier phasing out of coal power plants

7th June 2016

Share Radio: Sam Hall discusses Bright Blues' report, 'Security of supply after coal'

7th June 2016

Carbon Brief: UK electricity is secure without coal, says Conservative thinktank

18th May 2016

Huffington Post: A British Bill of Rights Is a Threat to the Absolute Ban on Torture

6th May 2016

ConservativeHome: Tackling insecurity. Here’s a plan published from the Left but with solutions for the Right – and for everyone else

27th April 2016

The Times: European convention ‘benefits British justice’

8th April 2016

ClimateHome: Greg Barker - Time for ‘fresh thinking’ on UK energy policy

8th April 2016

Business Green: Lord Howard launches fresh "Green conservatism" initative

21st March 2016

The Guardian: Iain Duncan Smith broadside leaves Cameron facing test of unity

19th March 2016

Holyrood: Behind the sugar tax: the budget, the sugar levy and the cuts

16th March 2016

Newsweek: British Budget 2016: What the experts say

16th March 2016

ConservativeHome: We ask our panel - What did you think of the budget

16th March 2016

The Guardian: Disability benefit cut - Tory backbenchers call for rethink

12th March 2016

The Guardian: How Eurosceptics are stalling George Osborne's ride to Number 10

22nd February 2016

BBC Hereford and Worcester: Is there hope for couples left thousands of miles apart by changes to immigration rules begins (2:47:00)

22nd February 2016

The Guardian: Families to challenge minimum income visa rules in Supreme Court

27th January 2016

Radio 5 Live: Phil Williams Show - Interview with David Kirkby on Bedroom Tax (begins 45:05)

27th January 2016

ConservativeHome: The New Tory Left launches – and challenges future leadership candidates

22nd January 2016

The Daily Telegraph: Oliver Letwin - Britain needs more black cabinet ministers

22nd January 2016

International Business Times: Tory policy chief Oliver Letwin admits ethnic diversity in government is 'frustratingly slow'


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