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22nd December 2016

Anne Mulder. IB Times: Theresa May has no negotiation strategy for Brexit – the UK is heading for a lose-lose

22nd December 2016

John Curtice. New Statesman: Brexit will be the biggest challenge to the two-party system

22nd December 2016

Tim Bale. ConservativeHome: Are elections won by members or money?

22nd December 2016

Jonathan Grant. CapX: Why we experts must learn a different language

22nd December 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Guardian: Don’t blame the elite – that’s the politics of nihilism and envy

16th December 2016

Jon Yates. Huffington Post: Why We Must Take The Building Of A ‘Common Life’ Seriously

16th December 2016

Charles Clover. Insidetrack: We should use Brexit to put things right for our fishermen and for fish

16th December 2016

Suella Fernandes. ConservativeHome: We need a clear, comprehensive integration strategy to fight social segregation

16th December 2016

Louise Casey. The Times: What’s bad for white women is bad for all women

16th December 2016

James O'Shaughnessy. Reaction: Education as a force for integration

16th December 2016

Chuka Umunna. Prospect: Harnessing the power of patriotism

14th December 2016

Sam Hall. Reaction: Going green doesn’t cost the earth

9th December 2016

Kate Maltby. Financial Times: Integration of UK immigrants is a two-way process

8th December 2016

Sam Hall. The Independent: 145 MPs pledge to make UK greenest country in world after Brexit

7th December 2016 

James Dobson. The Independent: After Brexit, the Government's record on human rights needs closer scrutiny

21st November 2016

Nigel Fletcher. The Telegraph: The Chancellor should show the good a Tory government can do

21st November 2016

Nigel Fletcher. Unlock Democracy: Taking Back Control: Putting our own (upper) house in order

18th November 2016

Will Humphries. Huffington Post: Elections Likely To Be Won Or Lost On Housing

11th November 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. ConservativeHome: Don’t bend to this anti-establishment rage. Challenge and confront it

11th November 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: Conservatives should reform welfare on a simple principle: you get out what you put in

2nd November 2016

James Dobson. Public Finance: Grammar schools: selective memory

31st October 2016

Sam Hall. Huffington Post: We Need A More Ambitious Plan To Clean Up Our Air

21st October 2016

James Dobson. CapX: Foreign students are one of Britain’s greatest exports 

14th October 2016 

Alexandra Jezeph. Inside Housing: Market guidance

11th October 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: Yes, I am part of the liberal metropolitan elite, and I'm bloody proud of it 

7th October 2016

Sam Hall. Reaction: Green shoots are appearing for Theresa May’s new government

5th October 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Times: Fairer education

4th October 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Guardian: Amber Rudd pledges to prevent migrants 'taking jobs British people could do' 

3rd October 2016

Nigel Fletcher. The Times: May’s ‘nasty party’ speech proved she’s always been a moderniser

3rd October 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: Is Theresa May holding back Conservative modernisation – or driving it forward?

1st October 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Guardian: 100 days after the Brexit vote: what should Theresa May do next?

25th September 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Times: Good nurseries create level playing field

15th September 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Guardian: Grammar schools and boundary reform – Politics Weekly podcast

9th September 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. Radio 4: May's plans for new grammar schools under fire 

31st August 2016

Sam Hall. Conservative Home: Home improvements could give consumers control over their energy bills

31st August 2016

Sam Hall. Business Green: We need a new Green Deal

28th August 2016

Sam Hall. Yorkshire Post: Clean up our act and drive dirty cars off the road

3rd August 2016

Sam Hall. The Times: Breathing easily: how to tackle the blight of dirty air in our cities

29th July 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: Building a good pre-school education for all

26th July 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Spectator: Brexit provides the perfect opportunity to crack the immigration question

22nd July 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. Prospect: Big question: Does Britain need a new political party?

22nd July 2016

James Dobson & Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: The pervasive myth that grammar schools promote social mobility

8th July 2016

Sam Hall. The Guardian: Liberal Tories support Sadiq Khan on air pollution

1st July 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: No matter who wins the Tory leadership, we are entering the world of Cameronism 2.0

20th June 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Times: A message for the Tory modernisers: Remain and reform

7th June 2016

Ben Caldecott. ConservativeHome: Ignore the scaremongering – phasing out coal won’t make the lights go out

2nd June 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: Even we Conservatives know that welfare is in trouble, but Universal Basic Income isn’t the answer

10th May 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. Prospect: What should Stephen Crabb do?

8th April 2016

Ben Caldecott and Sam Hall. ConservativeHome: It's time for green conservatism to flourish

2nd April 2016

David Kirkby. ConservativeHome: The National Living Wage could undermine the Northern Powerhouse – so let’s vary it by region

29th March 2016

Timothy Stanley. The Spectator: British Christian must start to act and think like a minority

22nd March 2016

Trevor Phillips OBE. The New Statesman: What can the Conservatives do for ethnic minority Britons

22nd March 2016

Damian Green MP. ConservativeHome: What should be in the British Bill of Rights

27th February 2016

David Kirkby. ConservativeHome: How to help the self-employed

26th February 2016

David Kirkby. ERSA: On the impact of Universal Credit on self-employed people on a low income

15th January 2016

David Kirkby. Prospect: Big question: Is the government right about “sink estates”?

13th January 2016

Ryan Shorthouse. New Statesman: "The "Big Society" is alive and well in David Cameron's latest speech"

26th November 2015

Ryan Shorthouse. Prospect: “Octopus Osborne” triumphs, for now

18th November 2015

Rebecca Coulson. ConservativeHome: The prison reforms that cannot wait

16th November 2015

Ryan Shorthouse and James Dobson. ConservativeHome: Reversing the decline in part-time higher education

16th November 2015

Ryan Shorthouse and James Dobson. Wonkhe: Understanding and reversing the decline in PT students

16th November 2015

Ryan Shorthouse and James Dobson. Higher Education Policy Institute: New evidence on part-time study from Bright Blue confirms ‘It’s the finance, stupid!’

16th November 2015

Ben Caldecott and Nick Hurd MP. ConservativeHome: Why coal-fired power stations have to go

13th October 2015

David Kirkby. The Guardian: How the Conservatives can become the workers’ party

7th October 2015

Tim Stanley. The Daily Telegraph: Conservative party conference: no jubilation, just serious thinking about what to do next

21st September 2015

Ryan Shorthouse. The Daily Telegraph: The baby boomers are not selfish

21st September 2015

George Freeman MP. ConservativeHome: New technology can save the NHS

15th September 2015

Ryan Shorthouse. The Daily Telegraph: Current limits on immigration are anti-family and un-Conservative

3rd July 2015

Ben Caldecott. The Green Alliance Blog: Most climate action has little to do with the UN process

3rd July 2015

Ben Caldecott. ConservativeHome: How to build Green and Responsible Conservatism in next week’s budget – and more widely

30th June 2015

Ryan Shorthouse. The Spectator: The quality, not quantity, of childcare needs improving

13th June 2015

Ryan Shorthouse and David Kirkby. The New Statesman: What do ethnic minority voters think about immigration?

13th March 2015

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: If I were Prime Minister: I wouldn't let anyone leave school without meeting the minimum standards

12th March 2015

David Kirkby. Centre for Cities Blog: Why should the Conservatives care about city devolution?

4th March 2015

Ryan Shorthouse. Economia: Do shared parental leave reforms need further changes?

2nd March 2015

Ryan Shorthouse. ConservativeHome: How to form a future without poverty

Kate Green MP. New Statesman: The market, not just the state, needs to up its game to tackle child poverty

Andrew Harrop. Left Foot Forward: Poverty is a structural economic problem that any future government must address

16th February 2015

Ryan Shorthouse. The Guardian: How the Conservatives can embrace immigration

30th January 2015

David Kirkby. The Independent: In defence of Westminster - why we should go easier on our politicians

19th January 2015

Ryan Shorthouse and David Kirkby. The Daily Telegraph: Instead of aping UKIP, Conservatives should be positive about immigration 

8th January 2015

David Kirkby. Yorkshire Post: Ensuring more pay into benefits 'club'

21st December 2014

David Kirkby. ConservativeHome: Britain's young people aren't a selfish generation 

13th December 2014

Tim Bale. ConservativeHome: How to start reviving the Conservatives in the North

12th December 2014

Rob Ford. New Statesman: How will our parties cope with the growing generational divide in today's politics?

28th November 2014

Ryan Shorthouse and David Kirkby. ConservativeHome: Welfare reform should recognise contributions and support families

17th November 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. London Evening Standard: Welcome the boon of immigration 

14th August 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. New Statesman: What is the value of university?

12th August 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. The Yorkshire Post: Let's adopt a fair approach to migration

15th July 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. Progress magazine: March of the modernisers

2nd July 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: Say hello to Generation DIY

1st July 2014

David Kirkby. New Statesman: Why we should be more optimistic about our regional cities

26th May 2014

Professor Tim Bale. The Telegraph: David Cameron's next EU challenge: renegotiation

5th May 2014

Paul Goodman. The Spectator: What does the Conservative Party offer ethnic minorities?

1st May 2014

Kate Maltby. The Telegraph: The Conservative Party must evolve or die

George Freeman. New Statesman: How to build an innovation economy

29th April 2014

Nigel Fletcher. Pink News: Vote Blue, go Pink? After equal marriage, a gay Tory asks, 'What's Next?'

28th April 2014

Ian Birrell. The Independent: High time to end this immoral drugs war

Anne Jenkin and Brooks Newmark MP. Conservative Home: The Party needs more women candidates - and here's how to get them

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Cutting all state funding to the arts would be monstrous

24th April 2014

David Kirkby. New Statesman: We need to go beyond HS2 and build a Liverpool-Leeds rail link

Ryan Shorthouse. Times Higher Education: Universities, lend a thought to funding

28th March 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. New Statesman: Liberals are well served by the Conservative Party

19th March 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. ConservativeHome: We ask our panel: What did you think of the Budget?

12 March 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: 'Exaggerated value of private education'

26th February 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. The Guardian: Loneliness should be recognised as a signal of poverty in today's Britain

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: Of course the Conservatives should be the party for workers. But they must also be the party for those out of work

20th February 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: Bold steps needed in preschool education provision

3rd February 2014

David Kirkby. The Yorkshire Post: Contradiction that has tied the Lib Dems up in knots

28th January 2014

Kate Maltby. ConservativeHome: What we learned from a Syrian refugee camp

23rd January 2014

Ryan Shorthouse. The Yorkshire Post: Let’s talk about love to put passion in politics

21st January 2014

Kate Maltby. The Telegraph: Why Lord Carlile's defence of Rennard could tarnish 'dusty' legal profession

16th January 2014

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Syria’s humanitarian crisis must be addressed by Turkey

30th December 2013

Kate Maltby. ConservativeHome: Farage has upstaged Cameron over Syrian refugees

29th December 2013

Ian Birrell. The Independent: What’s wrong with the Tories? Why aren’t they being more optimistic?

28th December 2013

Matthew d'Ancona. The Telegraph: David Cameron must stop the sleepwalk to a Labour win at the 2015 election

27th December 2013

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: The immigration issue is overshadowing the spirit of optimism which once defined Cameron's Conservatism

23rd December 2013

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Western Christians are not helping their persecuted brothers and sisters

19th December 2013

Kate Maltby. ConservativeHome: Coriolanus – a man who really does hate the “plebs”

14th December 2013

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Gender segregation: radical speakers cannot demand an audience that fits their prejudices

05th December 2013

Ryan Shorthouse. New Statesman: Osborne must be bold to show the Tories are not "the party of the rich".

04th December 2013

David Kirkby. ConservativeHome: Good news for the economy may be bad news for the Conservatives

30th November 2013

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Michael Gove and Boris Johnson: partners in power?

27th November 2013

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: The politics of love

18th November 2013

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: ‘A Radical Imagination’ – Doris Lessing in the Spectator

14th November 2013

Kate Maltby. ConservativeHome: The memory of Kristallnacht should alert us to the perils of indifference

2nd November 2013

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: The National Theatre – 50 years (and more) in The Spectator

24th October 2013

Kate Maltby: ConservativeHome: These Tory Boyz know their way around Westminster, but are clueless in other ways

3rd October 2013

Peter Hoskin: Lincoln in the lens

30th September 2013

Louise Mensch: the Conservatives can learn from the failures of the Republican Party

29th September 2013

Ryan Shorthouse: It's time for a kinder Conservatism

25th September 2013

Kate Maltby: A play that asks whether we care enough about our troops 

18th September 2013

Ryan Shorthouse: The Lib Dems need the Tories

31st August 2013

Ryan Shorthouse: Conservative Home: Optimism is Crucial For Conservatives

2nd August 2013

Kate Maltby: The Telegraph: What I learned at Yale Sex Week: porn never goes away when it's banned, Dave

20th June 2013

Kate Maltby: ConservativeHome: Let’s not become like the Tudors under Walsingham - mad with paranoia about spies and espionage

3rd June 2013

Ryan Shorthouse: Yorkshire Post: We must give education the power to change more lives

20th March 2013

Ryan Shorthouse: Prospect: Shades of blue

17th March 2013

Ryan Shorthouse: New Statesman: Conservatism will wither without modernisation

20th February 2013

Ryan Shorthouse: The Spectator: Why liberal conservatism isn't dead

16th January 2013

Graeme Archer: ConservativeHome: Loneliness should worry us. It should worry our politicians

Ryan Shorthouse & Guy Stagg: New Statesman: The next stage of Tory modernisation must address the party's class problem

14th January 2013

James O'Shaughnessy: The Telegraph: How Benjamin Disraeli can help David Cameron to a clear win in 2015

10th January 2013

David Skelton. New Statesman: The Battle for the soul of the Tory party

Ben Caldecott: The Guardian: The Tory party needs a vibrant green conservative movement

30th December 2012

Matthew d'Ancona: The Sunday Telegraph: Ditching their modernisation campaign was the Tories’ worst strategic error since the poll tax

23rd November 2012

Ryan Shorthouse: The Independent: The Tories should drop their obsession with small government

6th October 2012

Ryan Shorthouse: The Guardian: Conservative modernisation: it's time for version 2.0

24th August 2012

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