30th December

Kate Maltby. ConservativeHome: Farage has upstaged Cameron over Syrian refugees

29th December

Ian Birrell. The Independent: What’s wrong with the Tories? Why aren’t they being more optimistic?

28th December

Matthew d'Ancona. The Telegraph: David Cameron must stop the sleepwalk to a Labour win at the 2015 election

27th December

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: The immigration issue is overshadowing the spirit of optimism which once defined Cameron's Conservatism

23rd December

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Western Christians are not helping their persecuted brothers and sisters

19th December

Kate Maltby. ConservativeHome: Coriolanus – a man who really does hate the “plebs”

14th December

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Gender segregation: radical speakers cannot demand an audience that fits their prejudices

05th December

Ryan Shorthouse. New Statesman: Osborne must be bold to show the Tories are not "the party of the rich".

04th December

David Kirkby. ConservativeHome: Good news for the economy may be bad news for the Conservatives

30th November

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Michael Gove and Boris Johnson: partners in power?

27th November

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: The politics of love

18th November

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: ‘A Radical Imagination’ – Doris Lessing in the Spectator

14th November

Kate Maltby. ConservativeHome: The memory of Kristallnacht should alert us to the perils of indifference

2nd November

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: The National Theatre – 50 years (and more) in The Spectator

24th October

Kate Maltby: ConservativeHome: These Tory Boyz know their way around Westminster, but are clueless in other ways

3rd October

Peter Hoskin: Lincoln in the lens

30th September

Louise Mensch: the Conservatives can learn from the failures of the Republican Party

29th September

Ryan Shorthouse: It's time for a kinder Conservatism

25th September

Kate Maltby: A play that asks whether we care enough about our troops 

18th September

Ryan Shorthouse: The Lib Dems need the Tories

31st August

Ryan Shorthouse: Conservative Home: Optimism is Crucial For Conservatives

2nd August

Kate Maltby: The Telegraph: What I learned at Yale Sex Week: porn never goes away when it's banned, Dave

20th June

Kate Maltby: ConservativeHome: Let’s not become like the Tudors under Walsingham - mad with paranoia about spies and espionage

3rd June

Ryan Shorthouse: Yorkshire Post: We must give education the power to change more lives

20th March

Ryan Shorthouse: Prospect: Shades of blue

17th March

Ryan Shorthouse: New Statesman: Conservatism will wither without modernisation

20th February

Ryan Shorthouse: The Spectator: Why liberal conservatism isn't dead

16th January

Graeme Archer: ConservativeHome: Loneliness should worry us. It should worry our politicians

Ryan Shorthouse & Guy Stagg: New Statesman: The next stage of Tory modernisation must address the party's class problem

14th January

James O'Shaughnessy: The Telegraph: How Benjamin Disraeli can help David Cameron to a clear win in 2015

10th January

David Skelton. New Statesman: The Battle for the soul of the Tory party

Ben Caldecott: The Guardian: The Tory party needs a vibrant green conservative movement

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