21st December 

David Kirkby. ConservativeHome: Britain's young people aren't a selfish generation


Ryan Shorthouse. Demos: The one-man band show: self-employment and good jobs

13th December 

Tim Bale. ConservativeHome: How to start reviving the Conservatives in the North

12th December 

Rob Ford. New Statesman: How will our parties cope with the growing generational divide in today's politics?

28th November

Ryan Shorthouse and David Kirkby. ConservativeHome: Welfare reform should recognise contributions and support families

17th November

Ryan Shorthouse. London Evening Standard: Welcome the boon of immigration 

14th August

Ryan Shorthouse. New Statesman: What is the value of university?

12th August

Ryan Shorthouse. The Yorkshire Post: Let's adopt a fair approach to migration

15th July

Ryan Shorthouse. Progress magazine: March of the modernisers

2nd July

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: Say hello to Generation DIY

1st July

David Kirkby. New Statesman: Why we should be more optimistic about our regional cities

26th May

Professor Tim Bale. The Telegraph: David Cameron's next EU challenge: renegotiation

5th May

Paul Goodman. The Spectator: What does the Conservative Party offer ethnic minorities?

1st May

Kate Maltby. The Telegraph: The Conservative Party must evolve or die

George Freeman. New Statesman: How to build an innovation economy

29th April

Nigel Fletcher. Pink News: Vote Blue, go Pink? After equal marriage, a gay Tory asks, 'What's Next?'

28th April

Ian Birrell. The Independent: High time to end this immoral drugs war

Anne Jenkin and Brooks Newmark MP, Conservative Home: The Party needs more women candidates - and here's how to get them

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Cutting all state funding to the arts would be monstrous

24th April

David Kirkby. We need to go beyond HS2 and build a Liverpool-Leeds rail link

Ryan Shorthouse. Times Higher Education: Universities, lend a thought to funding

28th March

Ryan Shorthouse. New Statesman: Liberals are well served by the Conservative Party

19th March

Ryan Shorthouse. ConservativeHome: We ask our panel: What did you think of the Budget?

12 March

Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: 'Exaggerated value of private education'

26th February

Ryan Shorthouse. The Guardian: Loneliness should be recognised as a signal of poverty in today's Britain

Ryan Shorthouse. The Independent: Of course the Conservatives should be the party for workers. But they must also be the party for those out of work

20th February

Ryan Shorthouse. The Telegraph: Bold steps needed in preschool education provision

3rd February

David Kirkby. The Yorkshire Post: Contradiction that has tied the Lib Dems up in knots

28th January

Kate Maltby. ConservativeHome: What we learned from a Syrian refugee camp

23rd January

Ryan Shorthouse. The Yorkshire Post: Let’s talk about love to put passion in politics

21st January

Kate Maltby. The Telegraph: Why Lord Carlile's defence of Rennard could tarnish 'dusty' legal profession

16th January

Kate Maltby. The Spectator: Syria’s humanitarian crisis must be addressed by Turkey

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