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Friday, 04 May 2012 00:00

The real story of integration

Will Somerville is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Migration Policy Institute. Follow Will on Twitter: @MigrationPolicy In Europe, publicly worrying about immigrant integration is a vote winner. The Fascist Golden Dawn in Greece threatens a May electoral breakthrough on the back of accusations that immigrants are violent and hurt a cohesive Greek nation. Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen claims she is the political centre of gravity in the French Presidential Election as Hollande and Sarkozy traded barbs on halal and…
Emily Shipp is Shelter's UK Campaigns Officer. Follow Emily on twitter: @shippsails There are a number of things our London politicians like to talk about: themselves (most of them), their hair (Boris), the 80s (Ken) and being in the police once upon a time (Brian). In the debates thus far, they have delivered their prepared lines on all the ways in which living in our city must be made safer – rioting, knife crime, antisocial behaviour, terrorism – and all…
Friday, 20 April 2012 00:00

How best to give

Katy Wright is Oxfam's UK Advocacy and Parliamentary Officer. Follow Katy on twitter: @katywright In the midst of debates over philanthropy versus tax, the launch of Big Society Capital this week was presented as a "third pillar" of finance for social impact, alongside philanthropy and the state. Initially capitalised from dormant bank accounts it will channel money into social enterprises and community groups "to blend financial return with social impact". With £600 million to play with, this fund could be…

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