David Kirkby 

David Kirkby now works at the Bank of England. He was Head of Research for Bright Blue, leading on Bright Blue’s work on welfare. David has a PhD in the Philosophy of Linguistics and has given lectures in this area at the University of Rome and Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris. His commentary contributions have appeared in numerous national publications. He was educated at Durham University.



Austen Saunders 

Austen Saunders now works at the Bank of England in the Prudential Regulation Authority. He joined Bright Blue as a Researcher following a PhD at Cambridge on sixteenth-century literature. He is Secretary of the Ruskin Society and one of the judges for its annual book prize.



Sam Dumitirui 

Sam Dumitriu is now a Research Economist at the Adam Smith Institute specialising in taxation and regulation. Sam previously worked for Bright Blue as an Events and Communications Executive.

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